Current Refurbishment / Re-development

At the end of 2011, we embarked on the Development Project to make the Church more flexible and accessible to all in the 21st Century. This will include:

 A new attractive entrance giving access for all physical abilities to all areas of the Church premises

The levelling of the worship area floor and replacing the pews with chairs, thus giving a large, flexible open space

 Providing an insulated ceiling and new, efficient heating system

 Providing a second smaller kitchen with a Coffee Lounge area

New entrance with access for all to the premises

This project will:

 provide a worship area allowing more flexible forms of worship

provide disabled access to all parts of the premises - access for all

  provide greater use of the premises for the Church and Community throughout the day

 give groups the facilities to expand their activities

 give an enhanced visual presence of the Church on North Street

  reduce our carbon footprint

By March 2019, we finally raised all the money required and the builders moved in on Monday 29 April 2019.

Exciting times for us - here are a few pictures of the progress and we'll keep you updated …….

Amazing progress in just a few months (photo's updated 05/10/2019)

Our very own Peter laid the first plank of the new flooring - but Ryan finished it off !

Under the watchful eye of Paul (the boss)

The old entrance doors have been recycled in the corridor               The additional new  kitchen taking shape
These doors were handmade by John Wilford, and it's great

that we get to keep them.

Look what we found under the cross 

Our pews have found new homes.  A garden seat and a pub seat (as demonstrated by members of our Ladies Circle Group

Photo's updated 18 August 2019